MEN'S clothing

WHITESpring/Autumn 2018

The original reference point for the collection WHITE was a white T-shirt, its functional laconicism served as a canvas for creative quests and transformations of the findings – in details, in silhouettes, in designs. In the sketching process, while listening to the music of the nascent show and letting the sound affect both the mood and the direction of the ideas, the underlying minimalism was saturated with musical emotions. On the other hand, when taking the legacy of women's dress in the 19th century as a reference point towards the end process, the collection acquired its ultimate look. In this way, the initially stylistically unrelated things gradually merged into one layer. The well-known and understandable T-shirt, saturated with Nordic musical magnetism, positioned itself in a set segment of time – now. Therefore the collection is created for spring/autumn 2018. There is no emphasis on one single season. The modern life pace with physical and virtual travels erases seasonal boundaries.

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