Women's wear collection – ONE YEAR AFTER

The mankind has got the future and continues dreaming, but maybe the dreams are true and the future is now. * FUTURE FOR TODAY

With the expectations of the doomsday and its failure,the mankind has got the future, has got the hope and continues dreaming. The future is now. The man’s interest in mystery, unexplainable and structure of universe has been topical since long time ago. There has been ups and downs in this interest but there is feeling that now this interest has reached the peak. Playing with future vision is used everywhere nowadays starting from everyday life to show business. Witches, fairies, future robots and aliens are looking at us from TV screens. Historic myths and fairy tale images mix up with future visions. Crystalandhematite in embroideries.The collection belongs to luxury clothing category. Much handiwork has been involved to create the collection. They are bravely wearable clothes today with the vision into future. These are clothes for those who will create the future.

INSPIRATION: The transformation of dreams and fairy-tales of childhood into applicable image with claim for high couture. The feeling of futurism mixes up with fairies and good queens from fairy-tales. These are contrasts and combinations. Although the created images are futuristic, their clothes should be wearable. In my collection I wish to unite the time span stretching from mythical, mystery images till metallic bodies of androids. I am interested in contrasts and their combinations, high technologies in combination with historical and art values of the past.

That all together creates new culture and new trend – historical futurism / romantic futurism.

MATERIALS: Cotton, merino wool, silk organza, cotton organza, steel organza, leather, metal, silicone.

The collection was created by the State Culture Capital Foundation support. 

* Reference on the apocalypse of 2012

ENVIRONMENT – Art Academy of Latvia | PHOTOGRAPHY –  Bruno Kabucis | MAKE-UP – Dita Grauda | HAIR – Igors Popovs | MODEL –  Beate Stivriņa


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