Men's wear collection – GYMMY PRIME

He's running in pastalas once again, Magdalena said grouchily while gazing out the window. Yes, there is something primeval about Gymmy. He likes running, he does it all day long. Naturally, he also does many other things in this town. He sometimes goes out of the town for a swim or to get some fan. But running, running, running – that is his favourite way to spend the free time. Thus, his style is significantly affected by running. You can't really say that he would wear running pants with shoes, however, he sometimes tries them with patent leather pastalas. Even the suit doesn't let you forget about his hobby. And, yes, Gymmy also has a good sense of humour. He enjoys being apparent, daring, and lightly cheeky, whatever that means...

The collection was created by the State Culture Capital Foundation support.

ENVIRONMENT – National Library of Latvia | PHOTOGRAPHY –  Bruno Kabucis | MAKE-UP/ HAIR – Ilona Zariņa  | MODELS – Rainers Voroņins, Dāvis Brizga