Men's wear Collection – Ultra Normal SS2017

This collection is inspired by usual menswear available in stores like mass market or in other words, clothes which have no association with fashion and design. The most common codes of clothing were aggregated and transformed for the collection. Deformations that are often created by people during day-to-day wear were accentuated or modified for design or decorative purposes. Collection focuses on various interpretations of checkered patterns using checkered fabric or creases and reflective tapes that form checkered patterns. Additionally, jackets and vests with reflective tapes are convenient for walking or riding a bike during night time.

The goal and creative challenge of this collection is to show the line of trendy clothes for every day using absolutely unfashionable clothing as the source of inspiration and interpretation; transform something which is adequate for one target audience into something desirable for completely opposite target audience.

Materials in use – denim, shirts fabric, trench coats fabric, jersey, terry cloth fabric, linen, reflective tape and metal for accessories.

The concept of this collection is perfectly reflected in its title – ULTRA NORMAL.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Bruno Kabucis | MODEL – Dāvis Brizga


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